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Annual & Impact Reports, Expertly Crafted.

At Peralta Design, we recognize the significance of producing an annual or impact report that not only showcases your accomplishments but also tells your story in a captivating way. We dedicate ample time to comprehending your brand and crafting a visually stunning report that effectively communicates your mission through persuasive storytelling.

Nonprofits that use a creative approach in their annual reports are more likely to see an increase in donations.

- Nonprofit Marketing Guide

What You Can Expect

Annual and Impact Reports play a critical role in communicating a nonprofit's mission, values, achievements, and financial performance to its stakeholders. This is how we'll work together to make sure your message is conveyed transparently, truthfully, and effectively to their intended audience.

Understand Your Story

Design Concepts


the Report



and Revise

Final Touches


Check Out Our Work

From traditional annual reports to interactive digital annual report flip-books, we support non-profits of every kind reach their annual report goals.

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